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Update June 9th: Cansford the only UK speaker represented at prestigious SoHT GFTI Italy

June 6, 2022

Breaking news today (9th June): Congratulations to our Scientific Director Lolita Tsanaclis today, who has presented to members of the Society of Hair Testing (SoHT) in beautiful Verona. The topic is ‘Comparison of patterns of drug levels in head and body hair for medico-legal and workplace testing’ – and we’re delighted to be the only Uk lab presenting at the 3-day event. Here you can see Lolita Tsanaclis with Maristela Andraus of Chromatox, Brazil enjoying themselves at the conference.

Cansford the only UK speaker represented at prestigious SoHT GFTI Italy

We’re delighted to announce that our co-founder and Scientific Director Dr Lolita Tsanaclis, will be attending and presenting at the Society of Hair Testing GTFI event in Verona, Italy for three days this week (June 8th-10th).

Dr Tsanaclis’s presentation topic is titled: ‘Comparison of patterns of drug levels in head and body hair for medico-legal and workplace testing’.  She will present on Thursday (June 9th) and join a whole host of experts to discuss the latest scientific developments in the world of hair testing, which this year’s event is cryptically called ‘How to analyse the other side of the moon’.

The SoHT GTFi organisers thought that after Covid-19 and a couple of ‘difficult years’, the moon represents the hopes of new lands of discoveries, to break down the walls of mediocrity and routine work in hair strand testing and as organizers and participants, commit to work together in the future.

Dr Tsanaclis’s presentation examines what types of drugs (analytes) are commonly found when testing medico-legal and workplace samples, the trends and positivity rates, and working with other labs in the future to improve interpretation and reliability of results.

Other topics in the presentation include inter-lab collaboration when evaluating results from different regions and countries, the discussion of new and emerging compounds and removing or adding redundant compounds from testing panels, according to societal trends.

Dr Tsanaclis says: “I am proud to be the only representative from a UK drug and alcohol testing laboratory who will be both attending and presenting at the event. It is always a privilege to be able to share and contribute to the science of hair testing.”

Dr Tsanaclis has been developing methods for the analysis of drugs in hair since 1993, and is one of the ‘original minds’ who first brought hair testing to the Uk, along with our other Co-founder and Cansford CEO John Wicks.

She has been involved in drug testing using hair, blood and oral fluid samples for medico-legal and workplace sectors for over three decades, and published extensively as author and as co-author in highly regarded peer-reviewed publications and scientific presentations.


Notes for editors: More information from Alex Swann

About Cansford Laboratories – Cansford Laboratories can trace its roots back to 1993, when founders John Wicks and Lolita Tsanaclis developed the UK’s first hair testing regime for drug and alcohol use.

Having established and sold TrichoTech – John and Lolita continued with their passion for improvement by founding Cansford Laboratories to continue to pioneer new testing methods, and make rapid, accurate drug and alcohol more widely available. Today, we offer the UK’s fastest hair drug and alcohol testing service, while investing in research and development and contributing to conferences and symposia to drive up industry standards.

About SOHT 2021 – The SoHT meetings are an excellent opportunity to build personal and professional relationships among hair testing researchers, and to promote and develop the science in hair analysis.

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