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Cansford Labs - Pioneering drug and alcohol testing

Our Collections Team

Professional, empathetic and highly skilled.

Our collections network has nationwide reach, offering at-home doorstep convenience. We are proud to deliver an exceptional service via our considerate and skilled collections agents based all across the UK.

Collecting hair, saliva, nail and blood samples in the correct way is crucial to ensure the sample comes from the right individual and has not been tampered with.

Preserving the chain of custody is not the only key consideration however, making sure donors feel comfortable and reassured is also essential – after all, providing a sample can be a stressful experience and something many donors are keen to avoid.

That’s where our team of over 50 expert collectors comes in. Trained to make donors feel at ease, our collectors work UK-wide, and can be available in 48 working hours to perform collections wherever necessary.


Cansford’s collectors make the clients feel at ease, which is very important. They know that they’re being tested, and half the time they know it’s going to be positive.  The collectors put them at ease, and make them feel wonderful.

- Legal Executive, London

“I just wanted to put in a compliment for C who came to do the collection today. He is very friendly, kind and explains everything very well. He is very professional, knowledgeable and relatable…and he was very careful and gentle, I didn’t feel a thing!”

- Individual

“I found your service very professional, and the sample collector was very friendly, approachable and put me at ease immediately. Should I know anyone who requires your services in the future, I will definitely recommend yourselves to them”

- Individual

“I found you on Google and the service you provided was second to none and back before you planned to get the results back to me – a day early. I will need to use your services in the future for my court case regarding my children. Thank you again for the amazing service”

- Individual