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Cansford Labs - Pioneering drug and alcohol testing



Discreet, reliable and trust-worthy.

You’ll receive our innovation, expertise and accountability coupled with a fast and secure testing service, right when you need it.

Cansford Laboratories continues to act as trusted testing partner to the UK public sector – offering a diverse range of drug and alcohol testing services at scale.

Reduced risk:

Access to our wide range of point-of-care and laboratory test services helps protect organisations from employing individuals who might later pose a security risk. Our portfolio includes hair, blood, nail and oral fluid (saliva) tests, for detecting drug and alcohol use in-the-moment, historically and across long periods.

Faster testing:

We offer the UK’s fastest drug and alcohol testing service, with 99% of results delivered within 3 days of receipt. New employees can be on-boarded more quickly; existing employees spend less time on paid leave following their drug or alcohol test.

Practise and experience:

Drug, alcohol and DNA test results have life-changing consequences for families. That’s why we’re on hand to answer your questions at any time and offer expert witness support for representation in court.

Innovation for good:

Having pioneered hair testing more than 25 years ago, our team continues to invest in world-leading research on drug and alcohol testing. This insight informs our services, bringing benefit to the public sector and the public purse.

What do we offer?

Hair testing

Laboratory testing for drugs and alcohol, between 7 days and 6 months after use

Oral Fluid testing

Point-of-care and laboratory testing for drugs and alcohol, between 0 hours and 2 days after use

Nail testing

Laboratory testing for drugs and alcohol,between 14 days and 8 months after use

Blood testing

Laboratory testing for drugs and alcohol, between 0 and 24 hours after use

DNA testing

MoJ accredited DNA testing services with results offered in 3 - 5 days


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