DNA Testing

Confirmation, rapid results and accuracy.

Breakthrough DNA testing equals matchless efficiency and confirmation from results exactly when you need them

We are pleased to offer MoJ accredited DNA testing services to individuals and organisations across the UK – with results offered in 3–5 days and tests conducted under accredited laboratory conditions.

We know that the results of DNA tests can be life-changing. Our ISO 17025 certification ensures all tests are performed using the latest equipment and processes, by expert laboratory teams.

Our service also meets Ministry of Justice (MoJ) standards around parentage testing, as directed by civil courts in England and Wales under section 20 of the Family Law Reform Act 1969.

Sample collection couldn’t be easier. Our collections teams are available to travel almost anywhere in the UK, where they will take a saliva sample from the inner cheek of the individual in question.

Samples can be used to test paternal, maternal and sibling relationships. Results are typically used in cases relating to child custody and protection, family disputes, immigration cases, passport and visa applications, questions of inheritance and adoption, and birth certificate amendments.