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Supply chain and anti-slavery statement

Last updated: Feb 2023

This statement sets out Cansford Laboratories actions in relation to supply chain management and all potential modern slavery risks.


Cansford Laboratories Ltd, recognises that it needs to be alert to the potential risks for slavery and human trafficking within its own business and that of its suppliers.

To mitigate these risks, Cansford has a broad range of controls and measures to ensure that employees are not subject to undue influence, are treated with dignity and respect and are able to raise concerns should slavery or trafficking manifest themselves within the operations of the business.

Control and measures in place include:

  • Robust HR procedures which are regularly reviewed to ensure compliance with latest legislation and best practice.
  • Robust recruitment processes which include verifying the identity of each employee and their right to work in the United Kingdom before commencing employment.
  • Structured terms and conditions to ensure that staff are remunerated appropriately for the role they perform.
  • Counter fraud and anti-corruption policies which detail in the staff handbook expectation that all individuals employed by Cansford Laboratories (as well as external organisations associated in whatever way with the business) will act with integrity and that Board Members and staff at all levels will lead by example in these matters
  • A whistleblowing policy which allows individuals to raise concerns through appropriate channels should they evidence or become aware of slavery or trafficking in either the internal operations of the business or in the activities of external organisations with which Cansford engages.
  • Communicating to employees the values and behaviours expected of them when representing the organisation, including the expectation of maintaining the highest standards of employee conduct and ethical behaviour when dealing with partners, suppliers, clients and donors (collections).
  • Being subject to scrutiny of our own internal audit, a range of external regulators and Government bodies, such as HMRC and UKAS, who monitor various aspects of the Cansford’s activities
  • Where appropriate, train staff to raise their awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking.

Supply Chains

Cansford Laboratory Ltd recognises its responsibilities in taking appropriate action through working with contractors and supplier to mitigate or eliminate the risk of modern slavery through the supply chain.

We undertake due diligence in reviewing existing contractors/suppliers and in engaging new contractors/suppliers, including embedding appropriate steps in the tendering, contracting and procurement procedures across the business.

These measures will include appropriate checks during the supplier selection process to ensure that supply chain partners have appropriate policies and procedures in place:

  • In relation to their own staff, its working practices.
  • That demonstrate an appropriate ethos and corporate responsibility.
  • In relation to their supply chain.
  • To ensure contract/supplier selection and award criteria reflect their performance in this area.

Given the wide array of suppliers and contractors currently used by Cansford Laboratories (such as scientific supplies, people, equipment and others), these standards will also be progressively applied to organisations within the current supply chain through a risk-based approach.
This statement is made pursuant to Section 54 (1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes the Cansford Laboratories slavery and human trafficking statement.