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Hair testing versus oral fluid and urine testing in the workplace – EWDTS 2021 Presentation

June 9, 2021

We are delighted to announce Dr Lolita Tsanaclis, Cansford Laboratories Scientific Director, will be presenting at the 12th Symposium of the European Workplace Drug Testing Society (EWDTS) conference this week (Jun 10th).

The prestigious event, due to COVID-19, is being presented online, and will host the world’s leading experts in workplace drug and alcohol testing – of which Dr Tsanaclis is a member. The presentation will discuss why hair testing in the workplace can be a more viable option than oral fluid (saliva) or urine.

Presentation points include:

  • How drug testing in the workplace is not a simple box-ticking exercise
  • How ETG alcohol markers ethyl glucuronide (EtG) consistently came top of 1000+ samples, including most common drugs (cocaine, cannabis, etc)
  • By using a hair strand test, you get a longer detection window and the method is kinder and less invasive for your workers

Drug and alcohol testing applies to all involved in the workplace – from individuals and employers to occupational health and human resources. In the UK, the economy loses approximately £21 billion to alcohol abuse and £15 billion to drug abuse each year. In the US, it was around $4.3 billion (in 2020).

“The EWDTS is an invaluable organisation to discuss and share the latest thoughts, concepts and legislation among peers.” said Dr Tsanaclis. “This year’s event is particularly pertinent given drug and alcohol usage is soaring in the workplace, especially when the populace was and still is working from home or a hybrid office model, due to Covid-19.”


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