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Important message from John Wicks, CEO: 3-day turnaround delivery from Cansford

June 13, 2022

“If you instruct us on a Monday you can expect to receive results by Friday of the same week.”

“We have been informed by solicitors and social workers using other laboratories they are currently having to wait for as long as two weeks to receive results for drug, alcohol and DNA testing.

“We know how stressful this must be for you and your clients waiting for results, especially if filing dates are involved and having had a long Bank holiday Jubilee weekend to contend with.

“It was always inevitable that coming through Covid-19, the subsequent lock-downs and the post-pandemic world we are now in; would present its own particular problems whether from Covid-19, or the great resignation, where people decide they want a different life post-pandemic.

“This particular issue applies not just in the world of drug and alcohol testing, but is prevalent in other sectors too, such as the transport or night-time/leisure industries.

Results within three working days from Cansford

“We want to let you know that Cansford continues to turnaround all results within three working days of arrival at our laboratory, which means if you instruct us on a Monday you can expect to receive results by Friday of the same week.

Proud of our staff

“I’m particularly proud of our staff, who have worked hard all through the pandemic, and still continue to do so, ensuring we remained open during lockdowns, and even now, ensuring we continue to deliver the first-class service our clients have come to know and expect from Cansford.

We are here to help you get the results you need

“Please do feel free to share this message to anybody you know who needs drug and alcohol testing and cannot afford – and does not want to – wait more than a week for results.

“We are also here to answer your questions and assist you in any way we can, in order for you to get the right result exactly when you need it.”

Best Wishes.

John Wicks

Cansford Co-Founder and CEO