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Cansford Labs - Pioneering drug and alcohol testing

New partnership to help early drug and alcohol misuse detection in Cumbria

December 22, 2021

A partnership between Cansford Laboratories and a Cumbrian advisory service has been forged to help early drug and alcohol misuse detection and provide support for those with addictions in Cumbria.

Cansford Laboratories has partnered with Cumbria Alcohol and Drug Advisory Service (CADAS) to provide a support package which includes training and sponsorship. Working closely with CADAS, Cansford Laboratories will support the service’s drive to prevent drug and alcohol misuse using early detection methods in the workplace at a point when significant steps can be made to prevent addiction.

CADAS provides support for businesses, individuals, family members and carers, promoting recovery in the community. The service also offers public health information, education and training as part of its preventative work.

Says Frank Bellwood, from Cansford Laboratories: “We are supporting the valuable work done in Cumbria by CADAS, initially through sponsorship and a training package that will support CADAS’s work with businesses. A huge part of what we are about is testing and identifying drug and alcohol use via oral fluid and hair testing to help prevent future use, and this partnership provides a unique opportunity to educate and support prevention via the workplace.”

Says Leigh Williams, CADAS CEO: “CADAS is connected with many corporate businesses who come to us for advice on policy consultation. They also approach us for testing advice. We are absolutely delighted to associate ourselves with a credible and ethical testing organisation such as Cansford Laboratories. The partnership will enable us to continue to support employers and subsequently employees in the community”.