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Cansford Labs - Pioneering drug and alcohol testing

Our Team

Cansford is proud of our leadership, governance and history.

Our teams of professionals have provided our customers with expert drug and alcohol testing since 1993 (so it’s safe to say we know a thing or two).

From collections to cut-offs, LC-MS to the lab bench, you can be assured our testing service is of the highest quality...


Cansford Laboratories can trace its roots back to 1993, when founders John Wicks and Lolita Tsanaclis developed the UK’s first hair testing regime for drug and alcohol use.

Having established and sold TrichoTech – John and Lolita contiuned with their passion for improvement by founding Cansford Laboratories to continue to pioneer new testing methods, and make rapid, accurate drug and alcohol more widely available.

Today, we offer the UK’s fastest hair drug and alcohol testing service, while investing in research and development and contributing to conferences and symposia to drive up industry standards.

Our leadership team

John Wicks Msc

CEO and Co-founder

Lolita Tsanaclis Msc PhD

Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder

Kim Bagley

Managing Director

Cansford Laboratories Ltd is part of the Phenna Group, a global provider of testing, inspection, certification and compliance services.

Our collections team

Our laboratory team is supported by more than 50 trained collectors across the UK, on hand to ensure that the collection process is as simple and comfortable as possible for our clients, wherever you are.