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Offering speed, support from experts, and a cost-efficient service.

Whether you are a family lawyer or social worker looking for the right result, an HR manager seeking workplace testing or individual confirmation for familial DNA, Cansford offers unmatched speed, expert support and a cost-effective service


Our laboratory team pioneered hair testing for drug and alcohol more than 30 years ago.

Today we offer a full range of drug, alcohol and DNA testing services for individuals, courts and workplaces across the UK, including expert witness support.

We are still pioneers. Our active (and continuous) investment in research and development means we offer the UK’s fastest drug and alcohol testing service – with all results delivered in 3 days, and 83% of results delivered within 24 hours of receipt.

Our laboratory test processes are accredited to ISO 17025 (incorporating Lab 51 and toxicology) – which is the international scientific standard for precision, accuracy and reliability in test results.

What sectors do we work with?

Family Law

Social Care

Work Places

Educational Institutions


Criminal Law


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What do we offer?

Hair testing

Laboratory testing for drugs and alcohol, between 7 days and 6 months after use

Oral Fluid testing

Point-of-care and laboratory testing for drugs and alcohol, between 0 hours and 2 days after use

Nail testing

Laboratory testing for drugs and alcohol,between 14 days and 8 months after use

Blood testing

Laboratory testing for drugs and alcohol, between 0 and 24 hours after use

DNA testing

MoJ accredited DNA testing services with results offered in 3 - 5 days

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